Friday, 20 November 2015

Taraia Acrostic poems

WALT: write a positive descriptive acrostic poem using your name and similes. 
we are Learning to do our name.
Thoughtful to people
awesome teacher
respectful to kid’s
amazing boy

By Taraia

Monday, 16 November 2015

taraiaT4 Calculators Activity W5

Walt: Solve division problems using our knowledge of timetables
Think about the strategies you use to solve your problems.
we are learning to word problems so 10x2=20
then 8x2=16 so then i put it together so 18x2=36

taraia Calculators Practice Activity 2015

Walt: Solve division problems using our knowledge of timetables.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

T4 Calculators Activity W4

Walt: Use more than one strategy to help us solve multiplication problems.
we are learning to solve word problems so 4x3=12

fun think's to do

Some fun things I do is play with my cousin xbox360 and it is a two player games sometimes we play call of duty multiplayer.

Sometimes I win and some times I died. the next game we played mortal kombat and I was scorpion and my cousin was sub zero and died.

after we played mortal kombat we played skate 3 and it was so cool so I was first to go on It.

I did some tricks and It was so cool. then we went to the Mcdonald's and It was nice then we came back home and went to sleep.