Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Calculators Followup T3 Wk10

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Calculators Followup T3 Wk9

Walt: Solve multiplication basic facts by using skip counting or repeated addition

Taraia Sly Fox & Little Red Hen

Sly Fox and Little Red Hen
Once there lived a Sly Fox and his mother and a Little Red Hen lived in the trees. The Sly Fox  said, “Mum, when I get back from getting Little Red Hen the pot will be boiling and we will put Little Red Hen in the boiling pot. So he went off. When Sly Fox reached Little Red Hen’s home he sneaked into Little Red Hen house then Little Red Hen screamed and went in and said, “Get out of my house you silly fox! You get out now and you will not get me down from up here!”
“Ahh I will make you get down and I will run around you. When Little Red Hen fell down into the sack Sly Fox went off to his house but then he sat down and had a sleep. Little Red Hen had a plan. She got out of the sack and Little Red Hen put some rocks in the sack and ran back home. Soon Sly Fox woke up and went home.  Sly Fox said, “Mother is the pot boiling?”
“Yes,” said his mother. “Put little Red Hen in the pot.” Then Sly Fox put her in the pot and all the rocks fell into the pot and the hot water went on Sly Fox and his mother and they died.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Taraia making soup

Four week ago we made soup. My favourite vegetable is carrots. I scraped the carrots and then I scraped the parsnips and then I grated It. Then  I put it in the pot of soup and stirred it.  It smelt yummy and nice.
Two weeks ago we sold soup to the school.
We put the soup into four big pots. Some of the soup was
chicken and some was beef. It smelled yummy.
We sold chicken and beef soup and it was only 1$ for one cup and  two cups for 2$. Some kids and teachers came to buy some and then they said that it was good and yummy soup. When the soup was all gone we started to clean up and go to have our lunch.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

taraia stroy

Once there were three, little ,cute dragons who lived in a dark cave with their mother and father. Then their mother and their  father said, “It is time for you to go on your own and find a place to live.” Then the little dragons flew off. They said, “We must sleep for the night and make a fire.” In the morning they said, “Bye,” to each other and they went flying off into the sky. The first dragon went and he saw a dark cave. The second dragon saw a cave but it belonged to another dragon. He asked if he could have half of the cave to live in. Then the last dragon went and found himself a cave. After that they went and got some fish to eat. One dark night the last dragon heard a strange noise and he was scared. Then he went to the first dragon. When the last dragon got to the first dragon’s cave he told the first dragon that he had heard a noise and it was so scary that it sounded like a monster. Then they lived together happily every after.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Calculators Followup T3 Wk7

Walt: Solve number problems that involve tens and ones and no renaming.
we are learning to Tens and ones.

Calculators Followup 2 W4 T3

Walt: Count on or back in tens to solve number problems
we are learning to adding Tens.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Calculators Followup 2 W4 T3

Walt: Count on and back in tens to solve number problems to 100.
we are learning to adding Tens.