Tuesday, 8 September 2015

taraia stroy

Once there were three, little ,cute dragons who lived in a dark cave with their mother and father. Then their mother and their  father said, “It is time for you to go on your own and find a place to live.” Then the little dragons flew off. They said, “We must sleep for the night and make a fire.” In the morning they said, “Bye,” to each other and they went flying off into the sky. The first dragon went and he saw a dark cave. The second dragon saw a cave but it belonged to another dragon. He asked if he could have half of the cave to live in. Then the last dragon went and found himself a cave. After that they went and got some fish to eat. One dark night the last dragon heard a strange noise and he was scared. Then he went to the first dragon. When the last dragon got to the first dragon’s cave he told the first dragon that he had heard a noise and it was so scary that it sounded like a monster. Then they lived together happily every after.

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