Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Taraia Sly Fox & Little Red Hen

Sly Fox and Little Red Hen
Once there lived a Sly Fox and his mother and a Little Red Hen lived in the trees. The Sly Fox  said, “Mum, when I get back from getting Little Red Hen the pot will be boiling and we will put Little Red Hen in the boiling pot. So he went off. When Sly Fox reached Little Red Hen’s home he sneaked into Little Red Hen house then Little Red Hen screamed and went in and said, “Get out of my house you silly fox! You get out now and you will not get me down from up here!”
“Ahh I will make you get down and I will run around you. When Little Red Hen fell down into the sack Sly Fox went off to his house but then he sat down and had a sleep. Little Red Hen had a plan. She got out of the sack and Little Red Hen put some rocks in the sack and ran back home. Soon Sly Fox woke up and went home.  Sly Fox said, “Mother is the pot boiling?”
“Yes,” said his mother. “Put little Red Hen in the pot.” Then Sly Fox put her in the pot and all the rocks fell into the pot and the hot water went on Sly Fox and his mother and they died.

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